Pillar 2: Commitment

  • Requirement 1:¬† At least 75% of your organization completes the EBI survey
  • Requirement 2: Every member of the organization should average 10 hours of community service per semester
  • Requirement 3: Hold at least 1 Philanthropy event per semester
  • Requirement 4: Hold a joint service event with at least 1 other organization
  • Requirement 5: Raise $7 Per member (.5 Points), Raise $10 Per member ( 1 Point), $15 per member (1.5 Point), or $500 Total a Semester (1 Point) (not including Homecoming or Greek week)
  • Requirement 6: Host an alumni event at least once a year

Upload files according to the requirements in which they pertain. If there is not an upload option for a requirement, it means that Greek Life Staff has access to the information necessary.

*use and upload the standardized forms below

Standardized Forms

Service Event Form GCFE

Alumni Event Form GCFE

Philanthropy Event Form GCFE

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