Pillar 1: Integrity

  • Requirement 1: Initiation rate should have a retention rate of 70% Initiation Rate (.5 Points), 80% Initiation Rate (1 Point), or 90% Initiation Rate (1.5 Points) in the fall and again in the spring (transfer students will not be included)
  • Requirement 2: 3 sober events will be held (alcohol free) (.5 Points), 4 sober events will be held (1 point), or 6 sober Events will be held (1.5 Points) with at least one from a chapter within their own council, a chapter from another council, and a non-greek organization
  • Requirement 3: Provide your National Risk Management Policy
  • Requirement 4: Attendance at all Risk Management Roundtable events
  • Requirement 5: 55% (Panhellenic) and 50% (IFC) attendance at Risk Management speaker
  • Requirement 6: Facilitate 3 educational programs (Hazing prevention, alcohol awareness, emergency awareness) during chapter meetings. You can reach out to Greek life team for materials if needed. 

Upload files according to the requirements in which they pertain. If there is not an upload option for a requirement, it means that Greek Life Staff has access to the information necessary.

*use and upload the standardized forms below

Standardized Forms

Sober Event Form GCFE

Educational Program Form GCFE

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