Greek Challenge for Excellence

Our Mission

To be successful as Greek leaders, we will govern our administration by the principles of respect, integrity, compassion, and efficiency. We will remember that what is most important to us as Greeks are our values: scholarship – to achieve our academic potential; leadership – to provide strength and positive direction to those around us; growth – to support the livelihood of existing and potential new chapters, and unity – to dedicate ourselves to be a collective unit for we will achieve more.



The Greek Challenge for Excellence: Accreditation Program’s purpose is to provide the Truman State Greek Community with a universal tool to measure chapter performance. This will allow chapters the opportunity to evaluate themselves and both be recognized for areas of success as well as identify areas that could seek improvement. The Office of Greek Life has established this program to be used as a system of accreditation. There will be requirements within each of our Pillars of Greek Life that will be evaluated based on performance and completion. Participation in the Greek Challenge for Excellence is required in order to remain in “Good Standing” status with the U&I. Organizations will be ranked based on their performance regarding the requirements. Rankings are subject to be publicized in various ways.

The accreditation period follows the school year, officially beginning in the fall semester and ending the Friday before Finals Week. All submissions will be due the beginning of May. 

What will the GCFE provide for us?

  1. Standards: Standard chapter operations will be established for all chapters on Truman’s campus that align with University expectations.
  2. Feedback: All chapters will be evaluated based on the same standards, therefore receiving accurate feedback on performance strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Support: A network of support and resources will be available for chapters that need assistance in one or more criteria by connecting them with the necessary resources to aid in their future success. Chapters can also use this opportunity to learn from and grow alongside other chapters.
  4. Recognition: Chapters that have excelled in membership alongside the entire Greek community that has worked to reach their full potential will be recognized at the Leadership Recognition Program.
  5. Documentation: Some of the documentation provided will be stored for future applications for awards given through the Greek Life Office.
  6. Publicity: The Truman State Greek Life website will publish all rankings.

Ranking Categories 

  1. Bad Standing – failure to participate or less than 12 of 27 points from requirements
  2. Accredited– 12 or more points of 27 possible
  3. Achieving – 16 or more points of 27 possible
  4. Exemplary – 22 or more points of 27 possible

    There will be 6 requirements within each pillar of the Greek mission (Leadership, Unity, Scholarship, and Growth.)

What are the incentives?

  1. Union & Involvement Services will recognize and publish the ranking that your chapter has received: Bad Standing, Accredited, Achieving, Exemplary
  2. Required to remain in “Good Standing” status with Union & Involvement Services (room reservations, eligibility to recruitment, etc.)
  3. Certificate of Excellence

What do I do next? 

Below you will find “The Four Pillars of Greek Life” where each pillar’s form is located. Please submit the required files for each pillar and use the standardized forms if specified. Once you have uploaded all of the required files, please submit the form for each pillar in order to be considered for accreditation. If submitted correctly, you will receive a confirmation notice stating that we have received your forms correctly. If you have any questions or concerns, e-mail

The Four Pillars of Greek Life

Pillar 1: Growth

Pillar 2: Leadership

Pillar 3: Scholarship

Pillar 4: Unity

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