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Student employees are vital and critical to the operations of Greek Life. Each year the professional staff seek applications for student staff positions to assist with daily operations and programmatic efforts. These opportunities provide students the opportunity to gain critical transferable skills through valuable work service experiences. Please click the link to read the specific job description.

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Greek Life Student Staff Member

Greek Week Coordinator

Union and Involvement Services (U&I) is seeking an individual to support traditional department programs, specifically a person who will work on responsibilities related to Greek Week.  This individual will work under the direction of the Professional Staff of Union and Involvement Services, the Greek Life Staff, and will collaborate with other areas of the department and division.

Students hired to work in Union and Involvement Services are expected to support the mission of the department. We anticipate that each student will collaborate with customers, faculty/staff, and students to assist with campus activities and organizational services while upholding University community standards. Students are hired and trained to support all the functions of the Department. 

This position provides students hands-on opportunities to enhance the student experience at Truman through an important tradition in Greek Life while making an impact and taking advantage of personal and professional development opportunities such as:

  • Ability to demonstrate leadership, management, and communication skills while working with the Greek Week committee;
  • Expand functional skills in Microsoft Office and Google Apps, assist with budget and planning, and prepare for future employment in an event planning setting;
  • Work alongside campus student leaders and professionals to further campus spirit, culture, and community;
  • Practice problem solving, global fluency, communication, leadership, and teamwork through self-directed work in coordination with the advisor in leading committee through departmental Greek Week objectives;
  • Create and manage activities that will be beneficial to the Greek community and Truman community throughout the year;
  • Work with the Greek Life Staff on various other assignments to help provide programming to enhance our sense of community.


Affiliated and in good standing with a fraternity or sorority associated with IFC, NPHC or NPC. Must be in good standing with their chapter.  Preference will be given to applicants that have participated in Greek Week with their chapter at least one. Ideal candidates will be junior or sophomore level status students. Special consideration will be given to students with previous experience in event planning. Recommended grade point average of 2.75 or higher. Position will start in spring 2021 and carry into next academic year.

This position is best suited for students interested in gaining experience in campus programming and event management from a leadership perspective. The individual selected for this position will also work as part of the U&I office team and assist with day-to-day tasks.

Duties & Responsibilities

This position will work to support Union and Involvement Services’ engagement endeavors, especially including Greek Week. The Greek Week Coordinator is to assist the U&I Professional Staff with the management and oversight of all logistical and financial functions of Greek Week. This individual will work closely with the director(s), staff, advisor, and committee to ensure all needed items are completed in a timely manner. This position will be responsible for (but not limited to):

35% – Greek Week Logistics 

  • Evaluate progress of committee and plan meeting topics to address next steps with each committee position
  • Coordinate reservations across campus with the departmental Client Management Team;
  • Ensure efficiency of Greek Week business related to documentation such as FRFs, waivers, risk management forms, and contact sheets, food orders, and reservations;
  • Work with Financial Specialist to create/manage Greek Week budget;
  • Serve as the shop manager in coordinating U&I office document collection, payment receipts, and apparel pickup with individuals and liaisons and U&I Financial Specialist;
  • Facilitate a survey to the student body and campus community utilizing EBI;

30% – Greek Week Committee Oversight

  • Oversee  (in collaboration with Professional Staff) the committee/director selection process;
  • Provide direct oversight on all functions of Greek Week, both in preparation leading up to Greek Week and operations during the week-long event;
  • Act as the voice of the U&I when appropriate and familiarize the committee with the resources that the office can provide;
  • Serve as an intermediary between the Professional Staff and Committee;
  • Work with Professional Staff to educate event chairs on event risk management/mitigation;

15% – Meetings and development with Professional staff and others

  • Work with Professional Staff to facilitate and manage annual Greek Week plans and improvements;
  • Work with Professional Staff to set and maintain deadlines and a calendar for the committee following the Greek Week planning timeline;
  • Serve as liaison with Outreach team to create PR/marketing plan; 

10% – Other Fraternity and Sorority Life Team Obligations

  • Responsible for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of various programs that engage campus;
  • Help staff with programming, tabling, and other relevant work;
  • Spend extra time during the week to focus on wellness-related programming and/or other pressing departmental initiatives;
  • Create and maintain evaluations of all events;
  • Encourage collaboration with and use of internal and external office resources;
  • Assist with providing support and ideas to other team members during the event planning, implementation, and evaluation processes;

10% – Office work

  • Respond promptly and accurately to external emails and requests;
  • Compile transition materials and a reflection on the experience at the end of the year;
  • Perform other related duties as requested.


This individual will be directly supervised by U&I Professional Staff with day-to-day oversight being facilitated by the Fraternity and Sorority Life Team Lead. An evaluation of the work experience will take place each semester. Students will be supervised and assessed based on learning objectives developed and agreed upon by the student and Professional Staff.


This individual will participate in U&I 360 Evaluation process. They will also be evaluated according to Student Affairs standards.


Students with Work-Study or Scholarship hours are preferred. This position is also eligible for

institutional pay. The student may also combine the scholarship or work-study hours with institutional pay (if available).

Time Requirements:

The student should expect to work an average of 10 hours in the Fall and 12 hours in the Spring per week. Up to 20 hours a week may be worked in the weeks of/before Greek Week. Some scheduled events may occur throughout the week/weekend. The selected candidate should expect to respond to emails and work requests in an appropriate time frame. Student will be required to attend appropriate meetings including, but not limited to committee and liaison meetings, and all staff meetings. Schedule is set based upon student availability.


To be considered for an interview, individual must:

  • Complete the appropriate application
  • Attach a resume and a short (1 minute) video of you giving your 30-second pitch along with a new idea to implement during Greek Week. 

Application review will begin on March 15th. Qualified candidates will be contacted to set up interviews.  Preference will be given to candidates that fulfill all requirements stated in the position description. Not all candidates will be extended an interview.

By submitting your application you are allowing the Union and Involvement Staff to verify your academic record.


Questions can be sent to greeklife@truman.edu


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