Student Intern Team

2016-2017 Greek Life Interns

Kevin Ogle – Greek Life Team Leader

  • Delta Chi
  • Kevin Ogle is the Greek Life Team Leader. Kevin is a Senior Health Science Major, and will be attending accelerated nursing school in Saint Louis after graduation. He is a member of the Delta Chi fraternity, where he served as the Vice President for 2015, and is currently the Associate Member Counselor for the Fall 2016 semester. Kevin loves Truman Greek Life because there is a home here for every type of personality or set of interests. He enjoys food-related activities, 80’s music, and waving at people on campus.

Sam Gallup – Assessment and Innovation Intern

  • Pi Kappa Phi
  • Sam is a Senior Accounting Major and member of Pi Kappa Phi. After graduation
    Sam plans to stay at Truman to achieve his Masters in Accountancy. Sam plans
    on working in an accounting firm and eventually becoming a stockbroker and
    financial advisor. His hobbies include running and traveling. Sam competed on
    the Track and Cross Country team during his first two years at Truman. Sam’s
    biggest goal as a Greek Life intern is to promote unity within the Greek
    community and help provide a safe environment for all.

Lincoln McCoy – Alumni Engagement Intern

  • Beta Theta Pi
  • Lincoln is a Senior Communication major with a minor in film studies. Lincoln is
    a member of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity and held the position of recruitment
    chair in 2015. Lincoln joined Greek Life because he saw the life long friendships
    that his brother had made in Greek Life and wanted the same type of A class
    friends in his life. In his free time, Lincoln enjoys playing the guitar and banjo,
    doing improv comedy, and spending time with family and friends. An interesting fact about
    Lincoln is that he brings an orange to classes that he thinks are less than
    satisfying. He does this because it challenges himself in class to make one
    continuous peel.  With his position on the Greek Life Team, Lincoln is working to
    enhance the relations between alumni and actives, as well as spur a furthering
    passion for Greek Life in alumni.

Kenady Moore – Public Relations & Awards Intern

  • Sigma Sigma Sigma
  • Kenady is a Senior Public Communication major with the goal of working in
    Public Relations after graduation. Kenady is a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma.
    She joined Greek Life as a freshman with the hopes of meeting new people and
    getting involved on Truman’s campus. Kenady’s favorite part of Greek Life is the
    endless opportunities to meet individuals with the same goals and interests she
    has and the ability to make a difference on our campus. Kenady enjoys spending
    time with her friends and family, eating Mexican food, and shopping. As the
    Public Relations and Awards intern, she hopes to promote Greek Life in a
    positive way and awarding the Greek community for their achievements.

Katie King – Prevention & Wellness Intern

  • Delta Zeta
  • Katie is a Junior Nursing major with the goal of becoming a Critical Care nurse.
    Katie is a member of the Panhellenic community and is currently disaffiliated as a
    Greek Counselor for the women going through Panhellenic Recruitment; she is
    also Treasurer of the Panhellenic Council. Katie joined Greek Life her freshman
    year to be a part of something bigger than herself and to find a group of women
    that foster a community of support, service and friendship. As the Prevention and
    Wellness intern, Katie hopes to engage the Greek community in positive mental
    health programming and to proactively address issues related to health and
    wellness. When Katie is not at school she enjoys waterskiing, being outdoors and

Maura Kelley – Community Development Intern

  • Sigma Kappa
  • Maura is a Senior Public Communication major pursuing a career in event
    planning after graduation. She is a member of Sigma Kappa and joined Truman’s
    Greek Life for the campus community and endless amounts of opportunities it
    offers both during and after her time at Truman. In her free time, Maura enjoys
    eating copious amounts of Mexican cuisine, reading on her front porch swing,
    and laughing every chance she gets. As the community development intern,
    Maura hopes to provide events that strengthen the community on campus while
    helping the local community prosper.